VOV Workshops at Emergent Arts

Emergent Arts is excited to host the 2016 Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival workshops!

For more information about the festival please visit www.ValleyOfTheVapors.com

Knitting with Kelley Deal

Saturday, March 19 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

PICT9657Kelley Deal has two lives: as lead guitarist of the bands R. Ring and The Breeders, she spends late nights in the recording studio, long hours on the tour bus, and evenings basking in bright stage lights and the roar of the crowd. But she also has a passion for knitting—especially one-of-a-kind bags as unique as her music. Tag along with Kelley as she gives you a privileged backstage pass to her cool rock-n-roll world and her knitted bag obsession.
Knitters of all skill levels will enjoy the invitation, because they’ll get to explore Kelley’s stylish choices of fibers and gear (needles, stitch holders) and get the lowdown on bag-specific features, including frames, straps, and linings. Kelley walks them through all the basics on felting, blocking, joining seams, simple crochet and embroidery embellishments, and 20 fabulous projects, each with its own “remix” variation. – Bring your own needles and knitting material!



Junk Cam: Lo-fi photography for primitive application. Presenter: Bill Daniel

Sunday, March 20 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The workshop will be an introduction to a range of low-tech image-making strategies including: using printing paper as in-camera film, and building/improvising cameras from simple materials and thrift score obtainium such as obsolete polaroid cameras and found optics. This class explores ways of making photographs in a low cost, modern primitive style. Basic b/w darkroom production will be covered, including exposure, print developing, Rayograms, pinhole photography, direct positive material, and contact printing. Instructor Bill Daniel has been making and misusing cameras and darkrooms for a very long time.Bill Daniel_Junkcam

Material and equipment will be supplied, however, students are encouraged to bring old polaroid cameras, or other vintage medium-format cameras for potential modification.



Build a “Whiskerphone”

Monday, March 21 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Instrument inventor Bryan Day provides a hands-on workshop on making and performing using the Whiskerphone, an amplified carbon fiber filament-based instrument. Build an instrument and participate in the Whiskerphone Ensemble. Detect minute sounds in everyday objects and discover a hidden world of sound.

whiskerphoneThe workshop include  a whiskerphone kit and an audio CD recording of an improvised performance recorded at the workshop.

Participants will get practice soldering and assembling their instrument from the supplied kit and then work on a collaborative recording which they can bring home with them.

Bryan Day is a sound artist, musical instrument  designer and conceptual artist. His sound work focuses on the subtle  textural interplay of natural recordings and amplified electronic sounds  generated by his invented instrumentation. Using  scavenged electronics, repurposed mechanical components, and amplified materials that you might find in your garage or your great uncle’s office, he re-imagines them into constructivist sound sculptures.



“Film Loops” Scratch, paint and draw on 16mm film strips. Led by Dan Anderson

Tuesday, March 22 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Scratch, paint and draw on 16mm film strips and make a film loop.

Vine and Instagram have created a platform for social media artists to create short video “loops” that repeat continuously. This concept has also been historically used by film artists to create physical loops of film that run continuously through a projector, such as during Godspeed You! Black Emperor live concerts. Participants of the workshop will make there own video and film loops to be shown online and as installations.

Film Loops




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