Women of a Certain Age Project/Performance


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Transforming Your Story into Performance

A story can be expressed in many ways. However, compelling storytelling involves a deeper understanding and expression of the stories you tell. This theatrical workshop will guide the participants through a series of five workshop sessions designed to explore more ways to “tell your stories” than relying on verbal or written words alone. Each woman will explore ways to use her body, vocal sounds, senses, objects, and surroundings to express her story in this phase. The Women of a Certain Age project takes participants from a verbal version of a personal tale to creating individual and group performances.

In a series of five and a half-hour sessions (lunch included), the participants will explore how to transform a favorite slice of life from words into a performance with different elements. The project culminates in a group-crafted presentation open to the public.

Paiyin Mros(Bai for short) will facilitate this project phase. Paiyin has been a resident of Hot Springs since 2008. 1992, she started her theatrical career in her homeland, Taiwan. Her early performance was influenced by Jerry Grotowski, Japanese Buhto, and Dance Theater. Last six years, she began combining live and performance art in her recent theater creations. Paiyin won the Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship Award in 2019.

Workshop Schedule:

  • SESSION ONE: Telling a story through visual expression
    Date and Time: 7/30 (Sat), 10:00am-3:30pm
  • SESSION TWO: Not just singing- How to present a story by using sounds
    Date and Time: 8/20 (Sat), 10:00am-3:30pm
  • SESSION THREE: Even the eyelid can dance- Create a choreography with daily actions
    Date and Time: 9/24 (Sat), 10:00am-3:30pm
  • SESSION FOUR: Bring an object to life- How to perform with objects                  Date and Time: 10/21 (Fri), 10:00am-3:30pm
  • SESSION FIVE: Theater is not just a black box-How to interact and perform in different environments.
    Date and Time: 10/22 (Sat) 10:00am-3:30pm

*Please keep in mind there may be some filming of this process which would include workshop exercises as well as finished performances. However, you are not required to be filmed to take part in the workshop. Please make your preferences known when you arrive for class.

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