Light Up: Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting to Celebrate the Chinese New Year!




Jan 14th, 2023, 1-4PM
Come learn the craft of Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting with Taiwanese/Hot Springs artist, Bai Mros!
Mros will give a brief introduction on the evolution of Chinese characters and scripts, the tradition and customs of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and she will speak about the tradition of paper-cutting in Chinese culture. Students will also learn how to write with a Chinese calligraphy brush and how to write the words “Spring” and “Good Fortune,” followed by making a paper cutting project.
Read about other events below, that Emergent Arts and Mros will be hosting as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration!
Light Up! Chinese New Year Celebration and Lantern Festival
To kick off the Chinese New Year which is January 22, 2023, Taiwanese/Hot Springs artist, Bai Mros, will lead a series of activities here at Emergent Arts to share Chinese culture with participants.
On January 7th and 21st between noon-5pm, swing by Emergent Arts to decorate a paper lantern for the Lantern Fest! In Chinese culture, the Lantern Festival is not just an event for celebration; it is also a ceremony for benediction, blessing, sharing, and commemorating the ancestors—this ceremonial celebration carries the symbol of spiritual connection to the past and present. In the Chinese New Year tradition, the date of the Lantern Festival is at the end of the Lunar New Year holiday. It is also the highlight of the whole New Year celebration. Emergent Arts will display the decorated lanterns February 3rd-5th at David Watkins Park on Park Ave. A competition of painted and decorated lanterns will also be part of the festivities– the date and place will be announced. If you cannot make it to the lantern painting days at Emergent, you may pick up a blank paper lantern and take it home to decorate and return by the 27th of January.
On January 14th from 1-4PM, learn Chinese Calligraphy and the art of Papercutting. On January 28th, Mros will host a Chinese Tea Fest sharing etiquette and tea with attendees. Sign up for time slots between 1-3PM.

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January 14th, 1-4PM


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