Hugh Dunnahoe – Artist and Teacher

The Hot Springs community is fortunate to have Hugh Dunnahoe as both a local artist and teacher.  Emergent Arts is proud to have the opportunity to showcase his art and teaching this fall!

Hugh’s professional experience in illustration and graphic design has provided him a solid platform of communication from which to interpret his subjects, and a mastery of a wide variety of art media and styles. Currently working mostly in oils, his original paintings are boldly diverse in style. Hugh’s work is an exploration of relationships – our connection to the natural and urban landscapes we encounter, and to each other.

In September and October Emergent Arts is exhibiting Hugh’s work at the Garland County Library.  For more information please contact the Garland County Library.  Additionally, we are also excited to have Hugh working with Emergent Arts as the instructor for two classes beginning in October.   Both classes are intended for high school students and adults.

Learn To Draw: Wednesday, October 7th – Wednesday, December 16th (7:00pm – 9:00pm, weekly).  This is a beginning course in drawing for anyone wanting to discover their ability to draw, with an emphasis on drawing for pleasure. Learn basic skills in drawing and rendering techniques using pencil, charcoal, and ink. Students will complete drawings in class and at home.  For more information and registration please visit the registration page.

Explore Painting: Thursday, October 8th – Thursday, December 17th (7:00pm – 9:00pm, weekly).  This course is an introduction to painting, an overview that allows students to experience various mediums. Students will learn about the materials and basic techniques for working with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. Drawing skills will not be emphasized. Students will complete 1 or 2 paintings in each medium.  For more information and registration please visit the registration page.

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