COVID-19 Crisis Fundraiser

How can you help our artists, right now?!?!

Emergent Arts is hosting a fundraiser where all of the funds raised go directly to artists. You can do three things to help.

1. Donate here now!

2. Vote on the artist that you would like to help by “liking” their image in our
Facebook COVID-19 Fundraiser album. Voting has already started!!!

3. Share this fundraiser far and wide!

The way this works, is that once we raise $100, the artist with the most likes at that time will get a $100 award. Upon winning, that artist will be removed from the fundraiser. And when the next $100 is raised, the artist with the most likes at that time gets the award. So on and so on until we are out of this crisis. Many artists cannot make or sell their work at this time. Or they may have had a job that supported their art and their home and it is no longer available. We all need to stick together, support each other, and make sure that the Hot Springs we know and love will be standing strong at the end of this troubling time.

The first four awards given were for $250. In order to reach more artists the decision has been made to give in $100 increments moving forward. Please donate and help us help artists in our community!

ARTISTS: Submit one image or collage of images with a short caption if you would like to be considered for an award. This must be done directly to the Emergent Arts Facebook account via messenger, so we can keep track of everyone. Artists must be from Garland County OR have exhibited at Emergent Arts in the past. Please mention how COVID 19 has impacted you. We will update the fundraiser daily and there is no deadline at this time.

UPDATE! As of 3/30/2020 we have awarded four $250 awards to local artists! Keep giving so we can help more artists in our community!