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Through our mission of fostering creativity among emerging artists we are cultivating the future of our creative community.  In the spirit of growth and prosperity and in the necessity of non-profit, we ask for continued support.  Through volunteering, philanthropic giving, and board and committee governance we ask that you join in.  Our successes so far are because of the support of a committed few, so just imagine where we could be with the support of many more.

Whether you can help push a broom, hang drywall in artists’ studios, or serve as a board or committee member, there are many volunteer opportunities at Emergent Arts.  You may be a teacher or a student, an adult or a child, a working parent or a retired grandparent — we value all input and aid in the pursuit of our mission to foster creativity in Hot Springs and the surrounding areas.  Consider signing up for a volunteer work day, commit to a weekly hour or two of administrative support, or apply to serve on our board or committees.

Your financial contribution will support the creative work of Emergent Arts.  All monetary donations are tax deductible and you will receive a thank-you letter and receipt.  If you wish to make a restricted gift to the scholarship fund or to a specific need, you may do so by indicating your wishes.  Please donate via PayPal, or by emailing .  Each semester there are more requests than available funds for students in need.  Please consider donating directly to our scholarship program to support a student in our community.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please email Erin:

Volunteer projects include:

  • Gallery Walk support
  • Art Exhibit Set-up
  • Administrative Support
  • Landscape &  Studio Maintenance
  • Class and Workshop Prep
  • Community Outreach Events

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