Call for Entries

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Find our general guidelines below. Special instructions or considerations will be listed with each Call for Artwork. We hope you’ll submit your work soon!

All artists must communicate with Kara Gunter prior to delivery of artwork to ensure adequate installation space. This can be done via phone, 501-613-0352 or email:

Artwork must be ready to hang, framed or mounted, with hardware.

Please remember that our gallery is family friendly and school-age children will view the exhibits. If you have content question, please contact Kara.

Artwork must be original and signed.

Please have details prepared when the artwork is delivered: Artist Name, Title of Artwork, Media, Price. You will be asked to fill out a consignment form at time of delivery.

*Call for Artwork: Overview Effect: An Exhibition of Artwork Inspired by Space

Artwork Submission Dates: June 20, 21, 22, 12-5pm

Artwork may be delivered:  to Emergent Arts

Exhibition Date: June-July 2019

Location: Garland County Library

From Wikipedia: “The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space.”

The vastness of space can make us feel small, or connected more fully to our fellow man. Some of us have dreams of travel to faraway planets, while the rest of us are content to view the stars from the firm ground of our home planet. Some of us even chart the stars in the hopes of divining our futures.

Space, stars, moons, our planet, the Milky Way, our giant and infinite Universe, are all subjects for your inspiration. Artworks should be two-dimensional (drawing, painting, collage, photography), and can be realistic or abstract in nature.

Submit up to three works of art. All artists must communicate with Kara Gunter prior to delivery of artwork to ensure adequate installation space. This can be done via phone, 501-613-0352 or email:

Artwork from From the Earth to the Moon (1865).

*Call for Artwork: Defying Gender: An Exhibition of Art Defying Gender Expectations

Artwork Submission Dates:  May 30, 31, and June 1st from 12-5PM

Artwork may be delivered: Circle Gallery at Emergent Arts

Exhibition Date: June 7-21, 2019

Location: Circle Gallery at Emergent Arts

June is Gay Pride Month and in the spirit of celebration, the Circle Gallery at Emergent Arts is hosting an exhibition of artwork whose concept explores the continuum of gender. Artists are encouraged to think outside the constrictive boxes of gender stereotypes. Art is a powerful tool we can use to share our experience of gender, to help the viewer expand their understanding and check their own personal biases and stereotypes.

Artists are invited to submit up to three abstract or representational 2D and 3D works for consideration

Samuel Fosso- La femme libérée américaine dans les années 70 (The liberated American woman of the 1970s), 1997, from the series Tati 

*Call for Artwork: The Hot Southern Summer: An Exhibition of Artwork Inspired by Summertime in the South

Artwork Submission Dates: August 8th, 9th, 10th, from 12-5 pm

Artwork may be delivered: Emergent Arts

Exhibition Date: August 16th-September 13th, 2019

Location: Garland County Library

The long days of summer are coming to a close in August, so let’s reminisce and celebrate the Southern summer! Artists are asked to create works of art that capture a memorable experience of our hot southern summer.

Maybe it’s a representation of tall, cool drinks shared on the porch swing, fun at the beach, or in the pool. It might be celebrations at the picnic table, under the stars, or just lounging in your favorite day-dreamin’ spot. Let the words of George Gershwin be your inspiration: “It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy!”

Artists are invited to submit up to two abstract or representational 2D works for consideration.

Ice Cream Joy
Lisa Underwood